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The Choices We Make

I’m a believer in power couples.  I believe that who you pick to be in a relationship with is a reflection of you.   Last week on my Facebook page, I posted an article about a certain English gentleman actor and his choice in women.  I stated that I no longer liked him because he was rumored to be linked to a certain R&B singer who’s qualities are……eh…..Don’t get me wrong, here!  I like her.  I think she’s funny, she’s been through some shit and I supported her and I’m happy she’s reached the success that she deserves, but, stillllllll…..she’s not the type of woman you would think he would be with.

Image is everything.   When we look at him,  he’s this handsome, dark, sexual chocolate man that dress in suits and has this smooth, velvety, English accent (I’m laying it on thick, I know), but, you get the picture, here!  He’s still fine as hell….but, one thing we tend to do is look at the image.  He’s a VERY well-packaged image…….yeah, he is….okay, I’m snapping out of it!  Let me get a hold of myself and get back to my point….

Right, one thing we tend to do is look at image.  Although, he’s a tough piece of leather, he’s so well put together, we’ve forgotten that he’s ratchet, also.  He like big booty strippers, so 😒😒😒😒…

Yes, I’m in my feelings about this one…

*Ahem*  Anyway, what I was saying in the beginning is that who you pick as your mate should be a representation of you.  There was one guy, who is an excellent motivational speaker, I used to post his fb stats all the time because he spoke the truth!  Dudes hated him for that.  One day, he started talking about his new girl and tagging her, I was happy for him, because someone like him, who made a name for himself and gaining  success deserved that. Went to her page and unfollowed him immediately.   All I saw was someone with booty shots and tight clothing and dudes commenting all over  her page…..unfollowed…..for someone like him, that was not who I expected…..for him, at least .

I went off track again….sorry, let me get back on my snobby soap box…we all should attain to be a power couple.  An Obama couple.   Nothing will get accomplished if your significant other isn’t working as hard as you are.  If you’re a famous actor dating big booty strippers, motivational speaker with a girlfriend with a phat ass, or have a 20 year old girlfriend that take  ass shots and duck lips selfies all day.  You don’t have nothin in common here!  It’s one-sided, you’re Ballin backwards!  How does that meme go?  A nurse and a drug dealer is not a power couple, I think that’s how it goes….I think I just threw shade at somebody :?😐😒.  Anyway, you’re not a power couple!  Step your game up!


Autism Awareness Month

April is autism awareness month. There are many spectrums to autism and they can be mixed with many psychological disorders.  Not all cases are the same.  There’s no cure, but with therapy, they can lead normal lives.  Autism isnt something to freak out over, as a parent.  These kids are very intelligent.  They will be fine once they adjust.

Thinking back to when I was in high school, we used to laugh and talk about the kids in special ed and call them using the words “throwed off” or “retarded” just because they didn’t act like us–they weren’t “normal”. To me, it’s one of those situations of “I wish I knew then, what I know now”. 

My daughter is a child with with high functioning aspergers.  The things I see her go through now were what we put other kids through then.  She’s a really smart kid and will tell you that she’s awesome-because she is-but she suffers because most kids don’t understand her. 
What I know now is what many DIDN’T know then, but NOW since autism is now something that EVERYONE knows about, I encourage every parent to educate themselves – even if you don’t have children with autism – so you can educate  your children on autism and to be sensitive to others. 

Now, granted-there are really people out there that are “throwed off” or, what’s the word in California?…”burnt”?  We are all strange in many ways.  Just because you think you are normal, some may look at you and think, “that boy/girl gone!”  Lol.  I know I have a few times on facebook.  Everyone is weird in their own way! 

Thanks for reading,I’m on my phone typing- this was originally a fb post, but it was becoming too long, lol.   


When I think of you…….

When I look at you

Your face I’ve seen before

Memories from the past that you ignore

Your face humble

Your mind wise

Old soul eyes

That tell no lies

When I look at you

I know we knew each other before we were “we”

Kindred souls that are meant to be

When I look at you

I know that what’s meant to be

Won’t come true

Because we both have our own thing to do

You’ve lived your life

I haven’t lived mine

Now I need my time to shine

So, for now I’m giving up the thought

One whole year that I have fought

I won’t follow

I won’t speak

I am sadly admitting defeat

Letting the universe decide

The moment we will gaze into each other’s eyes.

And maybe then

we could end up in the same place

At the same time

Unknowingly meeting each other for the first time…..

Just Because……

I’ve been away for the past 2 months—got a job and my focus was somewhere else for a little bit.  I like my job-the atmosphere is very positive, I’ve met some really great people and the PAY IS GOOD!  **💃happy dance! 💃**  Finally!

I can finally see myself moving forward and doing the things I’ve been wanting to do.  Things that I think will help me grow and find myself, so I have a lot of things to do this year.

So, I’ve just thinking about some stuff tonight. I’m pretty sure there are some people that I know that probably think about me “that ***** Nicole, fake as hell!  She don’t call nobody to see how they’re doin or nothin!”  It’s not that, I just like to keep to myself-I’m quiet-I like to be in my own little shell. I’m not much of a going out person, or hanging outside a lot.  If I do go outside, it’s to a quiet place where I can sit and just—-BE.  I don’t have visitors, I don’t get a lot of phone calls except from my mom and my friends.  I grew up in a home where there was constant noise and chaos……so, I like quiet……solitude……., quiet is always a welcoming factor to me.  I’m also a put it off type of person.  When it comes down to reaching out and talking to people, it’s “oh, I’ll call this person in a few minutes”.  Few minutes pass and then it’s “I’ll call them tomorrow”, so on and so on……then next thing you know-it’s 3 months later and I’m thinking “oh, i should’ve call this person a few months ago.  Sometimes, I get caught up in my own personal issues, because I do have them.

But, one thing I do mean-when I tell you to call me when you need me-I mean that!  It’s so easy to get in touch with me-if you have my number:  call or text, email, inbox on facebook.  I’m always around somewhere.  I always answer, unless I’m busy………..or asleep……….on my days off, I’m mostly asleep….especially during the day……so……… catch me late at night!  I’m always around.

And for those that think I am “actin funny” (New Orleans slang) SAY SOMETHING!  Most times, I get caught up in my own stuff and sometimes, it’s just a case of out of sight, out of mind…… apologies to anyone that think I faked out on them in any way.

BUT—Even though, I don’t have to offer any explanation to anything that I do-it was something that was on my mind….and I haven’t written a blog in two months, lol…..

When You’re Sad…….

When you’re sad
I am here
to hold you close and lend my ear
You can tell me anything
So spill the hurt that sadness brings
Just between you and me
I’ll be your personal diary
Let it go, I’ll protect you
And help bring the pain through
only between you and I
For we both know-the heart don’t lie!